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Grieving after an Anticipated Death: Webinar Recording

In this 100-minute webinar Nathan MacArthur from Sydney Grief Counselling and I share the insights and wisdom we have gained from supporting grieving people for more than 30 years. 


We talk frankly and sensitively about:

  • the unique challenges experienced after a death which may have been anticipated (e.g. following an illness)

  • anticipatory grief and cumulative loss

  • a 'Good Death' and the reality of people's experiences

  • managing guilt, blame and anger 

  • the impacts of trauma

  • strategies to cope in the first few months and in the years to come

This video has been deleted.

Those who attended this session on 5 May 2021 said: 

"I found the session to be exceptionally well done, sensitive, articulate, and clear that the practice wisdom was coming from a place of deep compassion for others. Thank you."

"It was useful having two presenters as both could share their individual insights from their previous client experiences. I liked the practical coping strategies."


The presentation and pointers were helpful. I could identify specific areas that relate to me. The exercises were easy and do-able." 

"I am thankful that you both put these sessions together. It is such a comfort."

"This was concise and practical."

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