An Introductory Guide to Grief ​

A Free Webinar with two Specialist Grief Counsellors

In this informative and sensitive webinar we discuss: ​​

  • the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impacts of grief

  • different understandings of grief 

  • practical challenges (e.g. managing someone's belongings)

  • strategies to help you cope


This session is suitable for:

  • people experiencing grief and bereavement 

  • anyone supporting someone who is grieving

People say:

"The subject of grief is not something that's widely taught or spoken about. I can't believe how much I learnt in that one session alone."


"Recognition, acknowledgement and support lie at the heart of these sessions, and it is very obvious and palpable that this is what you are offering the community. It's very unique and one of the blessings of Covid."

"Such a warm, understanding, accepting, non-judgmental place to be. Such an open and useful discussion of the issues and ways to cope."