Grief Webinars: Live & On Demand

Join two Specialist Grief Counsellors as they talk frankly and sensitively about grief and provide practical strategies to cope.

With over 30 years of combined experience in grief and trauma, we draw on current research and the hard earned wisdom of the thousands of people we have supported, to bring you a range of live monthly webinars and on-demand offerings.

People say:

"A space to be in and acknowledge my grief and the implosion of my life after my partner's sudden death."

"It was so well structured, and the presenters so empathetic. I feel it covered my experiences since my son died."

"Such a warm, accepting, non-judgemental place to be. Such an open and useful discussion of the issues and ways to cope."

"I found the session to be exceptionally well done, sensitive, articulate. It was clear the wisdom was coming from a place of deep compassion."​

Meet the Grief Counsellors:

All webinars are suitable for those experiencing grief and those supporting someone who is grieving, including professionals.  

Nathan MacArthur and I are two Specialist Grief Counsellors who have over 30 years of experience supporting people in grief and trauma.

We offer a range of quality grief webinars that are informative, affordable and honest about the realities of grief. 


Join us monthly for one of our live webinars which includes tailored information, helpful strategies and a Q&A, or rent a recording to watch wherever you are, whenever you need.