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Individual Counselling
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These are one-to-one sessions where we talk about the things that are making you feel distressed, overwhelmed or worried. 

With a speciality in supporting people following the death or disappearance of a partner, parent, child, sibling, relative or friend, I will share the wisdom gained from speaking with thousands of people after a loss.  

By taking time to understand what is happening for you, I will use a range of evidence-based and supportive therapies to respond to your individual circumstances. These include Grief and Trauma theories, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy with a specialisation in grief and attachment, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and a Strength-Based Approach. 


Together we will look at the many impacts of grief and stress on your life, and find practical ways to manage these in the days, months and years to follow. 

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I offer individual and group Clinical Supervision to Social Workers, Psychologists, Counsellors, Doctors, Health Care Professionals and Multi-disciplinary teams in person, via telephone, or video-conference.

Clinical Supervision is our dedicated space to reflect upon your professional work, and all its impacts and challenges. It's here we can discuss caseload and clinical issues, staff interpersonal issues, ethical dilemmas, and support your ongoing learning and development.


As a Social Worker, I have worked extensively in health and community settings in Australia and overseas. I know firsthand the importance of having a safe and structured environment to reflectively examine our work and manage its impact on our professional and personal lives. 

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Couple & Family Therapy


Couple and Family Therapy is useful when you, your partner or your family want to improve communication and reduce conflict within your relationship. 


These sessions can also help when a crisis has occurred or when there are major decisions to be made.  

I am experienced in working with couples and families experiencing communication issues, betrayal, relationship dissatisfaction, and grief and trauma. 

As a Master-qualified Couple and Family Therapist, I don't take sides or tell you what to do. Rather, I work collaboratively with you to improve understanding and find solutions.

We look at the current state of your relationship and the impact of recent and past experiences. We explore what you each want, and introduce practical tools to improve your communication and decision-making.

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Support Session after a Death
Image by Denise Johnson

This service is for individuals, couples, families, work and friendship groups who need humane and professional support following a death. Evidence shows that early support after a sudden or traumatic death can positively affect long-term recovery. 

By meeting together in your home, your workplace or my office, we find ways to talk about what has happened. We discuss the range of normal reactions to grief and trauma, as well as strategies to support yourself, your children, and one another over the coming days, months and years.


Drawing upon my extensive experience working in Palliative Care, Forensic Medicine and the Coroners Court, I can also guide you on practical issues and referrals to other services. 

Banana Leaves
Green Leaf

There are many known benefits of being in nature, from positive effects on psychological and physical health to enhanced social and spiritual well-being. 

During times of crisis and loss, connection with nature can help regulate our emotions, lower stress levels, and bring mindful attention to the present. 

For these reasons, I offer 'Walk & Talk' Therapy in Sydney's historical Centennial Park. We walk at your pace, pausing to sit if you wish and away from the main paths for maximum privacy.


For those with mobility issues or as a personal preference, there is the option to remain seated for the entire session overlooking one of the many beautiful spots in the park. 


Sessions in the park provide all the benefits of counselling within a naturally therapeutic environment.


Online Counselling

Online and telephone support services have been growing in necessity and popularity over recent years, offering more choice and flexibility in how we receive help. 

There is strong evidence that psychological therapy delivered online is just as effective as face-to-face. 

Accordingly, all counselling services can be offered online, as well as every live and on-demand grief webinar.

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Walk & Talk Therapy


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Individual Sessions

$270 for 60 minute session 

$390 for 90 minute session

Medicare rebate of $82.30, if applicable

Couple or Family Sessions

$290 for 60 minute session 

$420 for 90 minute session

Medicare rebate cannot apply

Walk & Talk Sessions

$350 for 60 minute session

Medicare rebate of $106.05, if applicable

Support Session After a Death

Please contact Wendy to discuss

Wendy is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker approved by Medicare to provide mental health services. With a Mental Health Treatment Plan, you can claim rebates for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. 

You can see Wendy as a private client without a GP referral.


Bupa, Medibank, HCF, Doctors Health Fund, Teachers Health Fund, UniHealth Insurance, Nurses & Midwives Health and other insurers may offer rebates for those with Extras cover.

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