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COVID-19 Check-in Sessions

Are you feeling cut off from the people and activities that were helping you to cope with your grief? 


Are you feeling isolated as those around you face their own experiences of loss and uncertainty during this crisis?

Many people I'm speaking with are telling me that the COVID-19 crisis is making it harder for them to manage their grief.


Having routines disrupted, being kept indoors and seeing people less can increase emotions that were already hard to cope with. On top of this, impacts to work and loss of income are causing additional stress and make it challenging to pay for additional support.


In response to clients requesting regular support, in addition to or instead of counselling, I have partnered with Nathan MacArthur from Sydney Grief Counselling Services to develop COVID-19 Check In Sessions - regular, bulk-billed or private online support sessions for individuals, couples and families

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  • Provide a regular opportunity for you to connect with a skilled mental health professional experienced in supporting people coping with grief

  • Identify key challenges and help you to develop new skills to manage them as well as possible

  • Assist you in setting goals, no matter how small, and keeping them in focus as as you work towards them

  • Connect you to helpful resources or support groups, as appropriate

These sessions will:
Key Information

These sessions:


  • are 25 minutes in length

  • take place over the telephone or online via webcam

  • can be scheduled weekly for 6 to 10 sessions

  • can be bulk-billed if you have a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP

  • can be purchased privately for $59 each or $329 for six sessions



You can book your Check-in Sessions:


  • with Wendy by calling 0434 436 730

  • with Nathan by calling 0448 245 979

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