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Grieving the Death of a Child: 
Webinar Recording

For a parent, the death of a child at any age is a devastating, out-of-order loss. 


In this 90-minute recording Nathan MacArthur from Sydney Grief Counselling and I draw upon our experience of speaking with hundreds of parents after the death of a child.


We talk frankly and sensitively about the loss of a child at birth, in childhood or in adulthood, as well as difficult feelings of guilt, blame and anger. We consider impacts on couple and family relationships and offer helpful strategies to cope in the weeks, months and years to come. 

This video has been deleted.

Those who attended this session said: 

"Thank you I appreciated the session and found it helpful to add some context to how I feel about grieving my daughter and knowing there are others who may feel the way I do. It can feel lonely sometimes and you bridged that gap - thank you. Both Nathan and Wendy you have a wonderfully thoughtful approach when talking to us and covering topics that we feel every minute of every day."

"It was so well structured, and the presenters so empathetic. I feel it covered my feelings since my son died."

"Great presenters with great presentation skills and come across as warm and caring people."


"I liked being able to ask questions and knowing there are other people who have also lost a child/ children so I know I’m not alone.

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