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Grieving the Death of a Spouse or Partner:
Webinar Recording

Partners fulfil many roles in our lives and their death involves losses on many levels. From the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, to secondary losses associated with the loss of an imagined future, self-confidence, financial security, a co-parent, a shared life. 

In this 100-minute recording Nathan MacArthur from Sydney Grief Counselling and I discuss key ideas and challenges after the death of a partner. We talk frankly and sensitively about difficult feelings of guilt, blame and anger, the impact of well-meaning but hurtful comments, and offer helpful strategies to cope in the days, months and years to come. The recording includes questions asked by participants during this live session recorded on 1 September, 2021. 

This video has been deleted.

Those who attended this session said: 

"A total recognition of the terrible pain of loss and strategies to get you through those moments when you are overwhelmed."


"Huge thanks for both of your hard work, empathy, sensitivity and wisdom. This would be so much harder without these resources."


"I sat just nodding my head as so many things you spoke about resonated with my experience. Thank you."

"A space to be in and acknowledge my grief and the implosion of my life after my partner's sudden death."

"I'm truly grateful. You were both very sensitive about providing the information in a mindful way. I was moved by the session."

"Thank you Nathan and Wendy. Such a valuable amount of information and a great way to get it out to people who need it."

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