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Grieving after a Sudden Death:
Webinar Recording

As two specialist grief counsellors we know grief is hard at any time, not least when the death is sudden; as in the case of accidents, health events, suicides and homicides. 


In this 100-minute recording Nathan MacArthur from Sydney Grief Counselling and I discuss key ideas and challenges after a sudden death. We talk frankly and sensitively about difficult feelings of guilt, blame and anger, the impact of trauma, and offer helpful strategies to cope in the days, months and years to come. 

Grieving after a Sudden Death

Grieving after a Sudden Death

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Those who attended this session on 3 March 2021 said: 

"I sat just nodding my head as so many things you spoke about resonated with my experience. Thank you."

"A space to be in and acknowledge my grief and the implosion of my life after my partner's sudden death."

"You were both very sensitive about providing the information in a mindful way. I was moved by the session."

"I had been experiencing head fog & not realized this was a result of grief. That was comforting to hear it is normal."

"Thank you Nathan and Wendy. Such a valuable amount of information and a great way to get it out to people who need it."

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