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I have been absorbed by stories all my life and fascinated by the things we don't talk about.


I began my career as a social worker in a Sydney hospice, supporting people at the end of their lives as we explored the meaning of life, love and suffering


Travelling the world, I studied the bioethics of dying in Belgium, worked with vulnerable older adults in England, and supported those with life-limiting illnesses in New Zealand. 


Coming home to Sydney, I returned to palliative care with a keen awareness of the forces shaping our dying and our grief. Advanced training in couple and family therapy gave me another framework to understand the complex interplay between individuals, families and communities. 

But it was my work as a forensic counsellor that reinforced the impact of grief, the power of compassion, and the resilience of human beings.


For seven years, I met families on their worst days - following an unexplained death, a suicide, a homicide, a fatal accident, the death of a child. I drew directly on decades of compassionate witnessing and continual studies in grief and trauma to support people in the painful hours, days and months that followed. 


I am now in private practice, still fascinated by the tensions and nuances of loss, still committed to building our capacity for the conversations that matter most:

  How we want to live and how we want to die.  


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I provide training and consultation tailored to the needs of your audience. With over 25 years of experience leading difficult conversations, I approach workshops and public speaking with the same values guiding my work with clients - humanity, integrity and a mission to make a difference 


I work with public and private sector organisations, including NSW Health, NSW Police, NSW Ambulance, NSW Law Society, Australian Psychological Society, HCF Health Insurance, Converge International, Mito Foundation, and Missing Persons Advocacy Network. 

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Specialist Grief Counsellor, Wendy Liu, is fascinated by our universal yet unique experiences of loss. She has spent the past two decades meeting families on their worst days - after unexplained deaths, fatal accidents, suicides, and homicides - helping in the months and years that follow. 


Outside the therapy room, Wendy is regularly invited to speak with radio, print and television outlets about the realities and complexities of grief. Her work in traumatic loss features in award-winning books, Any Ordinary Day and The Space Between the Stars. 


Described by ABC journalist Leigh Sales as "thought-provoking" and "extraordinary", Wendy encourages each of us to have the conversations that matter the most: how we want to live and how we want to die. 

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