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COVID-19 Online Services

​With the COVID-19 pandemic becoming part of our new normal, many people are telling me that the crisis is powerfully disrupting their grief. 

Having daily lives upturned, being kept indoors, and seeing people less can increase emotions that were already hard to cope with. On top of this, even the most supportive family and friends can be preoccupied by their own responses to the crisis.  

Hearing these difficult stories inspired me to partner with Nathan MacArthur from Sydney Grief Counselling Services to offer extra online services. By working together during this time, we are able to offer more services, more support. 


As therapists with clients throughout Australia and overseas, we are well-experienced in providing online and telephone counselling services. We support research findings that show online therapy, or 'telehealth', is just as effective as in-person therapy. We both believe online therapy is a convenient way to access support during this crisis and beyond.

Wendy Liu, The Session Counselling

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Nathan MacArthur, Sydney Grief Counselling Services

Together we have developed the following online services for those looking for support during COVID-19:

To find out more about these services, click on the links or contact us directly:​


Wendy Liu - 0434 436 730

Nathan MacArthur - 0448 245 979 

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